A Small Wrap Sweater

Small Wrap Sweater - francenadeau.com

This small wrap sweater was made years ago, to keep warm a little baby. I have used fleecy fabric. Warm and soft. Perfectly suitable for baby skin.

Small Wrap Sweater - francenadeau.com

I have chosen a store-bought polyester bias. As you can see, the sewing lines are not quite straight. Just as for the little bibs I told you about in my last post. Hurrying while the baby was sleeping. Or maybe too tired to see straight.

Small Wrap Sweater - francenadeau.comThe heart was embroidered before I chose the bias. Therefore, the color was selected accordingly.

Small Wrap Sweater - francenadeau.com

With the leftover bias, I made a ribbon to attach the two front panels. 

Small Wrap Sweater - francenadeau.comSmall Wrap Sweater - francenadeau.comSmall Wrap Sweater - francenadeau.com

Despite the imperfections, this small wrap sweater kept my boys warm. And wrapping your baby with a piece of clothing you have made is very rewarding. A simple pattern like this one is perfect for a beginner in the craft of sewing. I would like to encourage women and men, girls and boys, to dare taking a piece of fabric and to sew something. Anything. Even if the result is far from perfect. I do not believe in perfection. But I do believe that creating gives you joy. And a feeling of achievement.


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6 thoughts on “A Small Wrap Sweater

  1. Creating does give joy France, you expressed it very well. Love the way this little wrap sweater looks with it’s beautiful cross stitched heart pocket! Wrapping your baby in homemade clothing is a wonderful way to express love.

    • I can only agree with you about how handmade items express love. Clothes or anything else that can be made at home.
      Thank you for your “love” words regarding this small sweater. 🙂

    • Thank you, Amalia! Without this border and cross stitch, the sweater would be boring… I just went to your blog and, again, loved seeing your pictures and reading your prose. A delight!

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