A Bag for a Grandmother


The front

This is a bag I made for a grandmother. My sons’ grandmother. Not my mother, but my spouse’s mother. Are you following me? Anyway, I made this bag to please a grandmother for her birthday. For that, I chose fabric from my sons’ old pants, corduroy to be precise. What can please more a grandmother than to have something from her grandchildren? I am not sure there is an answer to that question.


The back

Corduroy is a very sturdy fabric and the bag old itself quite beautifully even though I did not use batting or interfacing. This bag will stand many washing in the machine. I find the light beige coordinates well with the light grey and that make a polyvalent bag that can be used on many occasions. I used the same pattern I have created and told you about in my post Three Bags, One Pattern of last Monday.

Small Handbag made with old pants - pattern at francenadeau.com

A tag

I made a label with the initial of her first name–Nicole–to personalise the gift. I stitched the letter with my sewing machine.


An inside pocket

I made a second label that I attached to the inside pocket. Please excuse the somewhat dark and not-very-good pictures. They were taken on a gloomy October morning, just before the two-hour drive to her home (I had finished the bag late the previous evening).


A second tag

I was in a detail mood when I made this bag. I sew ribbon by hand and added many black beads. I wanted it to look fabulous. I think I have reached my goal. I was almost sad of not being able to keep it for myself. Maybe I will make a duplicate, in slightly different colors, as I prefer that each bag stays unique.

Small Handbag - pattern at francenadeau.com

Ribbon all around

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Small handbags - sewing pattern at francenadeau.com


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22 thoughts on “A Bag for a Grandmother

  1. Gorgeous and what a superb demonstration of workmanship you have made. It’s unbelievably pretty and so perfect for a grandmother to have made of her loved one’s pants. You have done so well with this project-I’d love to see you make one for yourself, too. Excellent pattern.

    • That’s a great compliment you’ve written! Thank you, thank you!
      I have cordoroy pants still in my recycled fabric stash and I’m thinking of making an other bag with this fabric. To keep for myself. I’ll have to test the pattern I’m writing, anyway. 😉

    • I’m happy to have an other confirmation that a grandmother loves things made from her grandchildren’s clothes! 🙂 And I gather from your blog that a grandmother loves to make things for them. (From my mother too as she made lots of things for my sons, my niece and my nephew…) For those reading this, Cheri has interesting posts about the inspiration process of things she made for her grandchildren.

    • Thank you! I went to look at your key chain tutorial… Your key chain and my tag indeed look alike. But your technique is much more elaborate than mine though! I love your idea of the pocked behind the tag! 🙂

  2. This is very pretty. Simple, but very nice details and I am sure she loves this bag. Love your decorative stitches, and the beads add just the right amount of sparkle for the finish. You did a great job on this gift.

    • Thank you so much! Not everybody love beads… but I love adding them to all kind of projects. I’m glad you appreciate the sparkle they add. 🙂

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