Hi there!

I will no longer add content to this blog. Shortage of time led me to this decision. But I’m not disappearing from the virtual map: I continue to add creations to my Instagram place and my web site is still up and running (with all my tutorials). You can visit me anytime and I’ll be happy to return the favor. 

I thank everyone who has been following me during all the years since I started in 2013

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. I have enjoyed you and your blog France, even though I have slowed down from making comments. I wish you well with whatever you do. I too have thought about whether I want to continue to blog. Blogging is not something many do anymore with Instagram and Facebook being quicker. I am slowing down with the blogging. It sure takes a lot of time and people unfollow as much or more as they follow and so I know I do not gain more followers each year and am actually slowly losing more each year instead. So that is disappointing and makes me wonder if it is worth doing at all? I mainly wanted a place I could post what I have created and that is what I do for me, so I suppose having followers was just a bonus and I must remember that my blog is like my own diary. Gook luck in whatever you do France!

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