6 thoughts on “Crocheted Gnome

    • Hi Kate! I didn’t follow a pattern. I improvised from the gnomes I saw on Pinterest. Everything is done with the single stitch, except for the beard, done with chain stitches.
      For the hat, I started at the tip with 3 chain stitches joined in a round and then crocheted in rounds (single stitch), increasing at some rows, until I had reach what I felt was the right shape and lenght.
      For the body, I started at the base, with a chain slightly larger in lenght than the hat rim. I make single crochets around the chain. I continued with single crochets, increased for some rows, then decreased at some, until I had reach a suitable lenght and the width of the hat rim. Then, I stitched the hat to the body, both previously filled with pieces of fabric.
      For the legs, I started with 3 chain stitches joined in a round, increased to 6 stitches with single stitches and continued in a round. I lightly filled them and attached them to the body.
      I crocheted a little ball for the nose.
      The beard is made of a cord of chain stitches, that I attached to the body I as went, over two rows (the bottom one first).
      I hope these instructions help and are enough for you to make a gnome. 🙂 Happy New Year!

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