Not-So-Sweet Bunnies

Not-So-Sweet Bunnies -

Not-So-Sweet Bunnies -

Those two are not-so-sweet bunnies. They are not the usual gentle bunnies we see around Easter time. But they are the kind my sons like.

I crocheted the bodies with cotton yarn. I followed the tutorial generously written by Kristi. I filled the bunnies with old bed sheets that I cut into 1″ stripes. The appliqués are made of old t-shirt fabric.

Not-So-Sweet Bunnies -

Not-So-Sweet Bunnies -

The pink t-shirt was the only suitable pink fabric I had on hand and I had some difficulties stitching it on the crocheted cotton yarn. I am sure you noticed that the eyes of the scared-looking rabbid are far from perfect. But I think they look good enough. Making them was a lot of fun. With my sons frequently checking on the progress…

Happy Easter!


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6 thoughts on “Not-So-Sweet Bunnies

  1. I really like the “not so cute” approach of your bunnies. Just great.
    (They remind me a bit of the bunnies on the cover of “The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse” by Robert Rankin … only a bit 🙂
    Thanks for sharing them on “Hookin On Hump Day” link party.

    • Thank you for your appreciation, Sybil! In fact, they are a rendition of the Raving Rabbids. I don’t know the Hollow Chocolate Bunnies, but a quick look at the book cover let me think they are quite dangerous. And quite mean. lol
      The Raving Rabbids are more stupid than anything else…
      Thanks for visiting. 🙂

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